The new laws of fizzics – Poppi yields categoric shifts with their data-driven strategies

While most brands in the space are losing or struggling to maintain their market position, Poppi and functional sodas are actively expanding.

The new laws of fizzics – Poppi yields categoric shifts with their data-driven strategies

February 27, 2023 - Poppi is on a mission to transform the soda industry with unique flavors and gut-healthy ingredients. Using innovative social commerce tactics that lean heavily on TikTok exposure, the family brand has generated a massive, loyal customer base, with financial- and influencer-backing from well-known celebrities and athletes.

Poppi launched its products on Amazon in 2020 with a strategy that leaned heavily into the retailer's extensive shopper traffic. Understanding the enormous opportunity that marketplace represented to their brand, the team focused heavily on harnessing its traffic and reach to fuel profitable growth. At the same time, Poppi expanded their advertising efforts across major social media platforms, especially TikTok, to gain a following for their brand. In these early days, the team established an agile approach to marketing; pushing all traffic to their retailer and Amazon product pages, but regularly testing and adjusting to ensure they were connecting with the right customers with the right messaging.

See ahead, stay ahead

Just two years after launching, Poppi held a 44% share of the functional beverage market on Amazon and had started overtaking major players in the larger Soda category. However, they recognized an increasing need for transparency into consumer and competitive dynamics to maintain their market position. As a result, Graham Goeppert, Poppi's VP of Digital Commerce & Media, entered into a strategic partnership with Stackline in 2022. The Poppi team quickly began actioning the data to predict when and where to allot their time and dollars to reach the widest audience and generate the highest return on their investment. Today, the team relies on our up-to-date traffic data to maintain visibility into incremental growth opportunities.

Stackline Atlas has been vital to helping Poppi reach new audiences. With granular insight into shopper behavior, competitive ad spending, and organic market share trends across the category, Poppi is empowered to identify opportunities to connect with their shoppers, what keywords to engage, and how to evolve their advertising strategy for maximum impact.

Using Stackline's advanced taxonomy and segmentation tools, the team analyzes the impact of every paid and organic keyword for all SKUs in the Poppi portfolio. The team frequently examines organic traffic data across the category to identify emerging trends and touch points to engage new shoppers. These analyses inform Poppi's advertising strategies across TikTok and other platforms, connecting them to audiences who otherwise may not have encountered their products or functional sodas.

Shifting Share of Mouth

Backed by Stackline's intelligence, Poppi has created a measured, analytics-driven go-to-market approach, allowing its team to evaluate and optimize every shopper touch point to continually drive incremental sales and increase ‘share of mouth.' This strategy is accelerating sales for Poppi, as well as stimulating a much larger change in the market, reflecting a shift in consumer interests towards ‘better-for-you' beverages.

In the first six weeks of 2023, Poppi has solidified its spot as the #1 soda beverage and jumped into a Top 20 position of the non-alcoholic beverage category, increasing market share by 45 basis points YOY. This is the first time that a functional beverage brand has achieved this level of reach, significantly outpacing major brands in the bottled water, soft-drink, and energy drink space. This accelerated growth shows that in addition to dominating functional soda, Poppi is fueling a much larger shift in the overall dynamics of the non-alcoholic beverage category.

While most brands in the space are losing or struggling to maintain their market position, Poppi and functional sodas are actively expanding their market share. Only a few months into 2023, the brand is already seeing a 2.4x YOY lift in sales, the largest gain in sales share of the Top 30 non-alcoholic beverage brands. The data indicates that this upwards trend is continuing - Poppi products are being discovered across an increasingly broad range of consumer searches, with the total number of keywords driving traffic increasing 2x YOY.

The Poppi Effect

From first touch to last purchase, Poppi has uncovered a clear path to maintain this profitable growth trajectory. In addition to expanding into new audiences, Poppi uses their advanced understanding of the market and strong product offering to delight existing customers too. Poppi is seeing a measurable increase in consumer interest and loyalty, with a significant share of consumers directly seeking out their brand. Today, almost 80% of organic clicks YTD generated from Poppi-branded terms and the product collection is yielding an average 86% trial conversion rate.

Stackline is proud to partner with innovative brands, like Poppi – we can't wait to see (and taste) how they delight customers next.

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