WEBINAR SERIES Turning Amazon Prime Day into a force multiplier

Stackline experts provide a strategic framework to maximize Prime Day performance.

WEBINAR SERIES Turning Amazon Prime Day into a force multiplier

A digital series for brand leaders that focuses on defining personalized strategies to fuel success during Prime Day and long after.

In today’s fast-paced commerce realm, successfully navigating a major pulse period event, like Prime Day, requires the strategic coordination of commercial, operational, and cross-functional dynamics. As a result, many brand leaders began gearing up their business before Prime Day dates were even announced.

This Stackline Spotlight series features industry experts across the Stackline team as they provide detailed insight into planning tactics, Amazon ecosystem dynamics, and day-of procedures to fuel long-lasting, profitable gains. Each session offers a deep dive into the critical aspects of the preparation schedule, helping brands leaders define success for their organization and the inputs needed to reach their goals.

Episode 1: Introduction to successful preparation

Unlock a strategic framework to maximize Prime Day performance.

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Episode 2: Formula to achieve sustainable returns

Deep dive into the required inputs to generate profitable gains before, during, and after Prime Day.

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Episode 3: Operational tactics to maximize efficiencies Pre-and Post-Prime Day

Develop a structure to maximize supply chain profitability while preparing for, executing, and exiting Prime Day.

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Episode 4: Strategic approach to advertising during pulse period events  

An exploration of advertising strategies and tactics to engage pulse period events for optimal year-round success.

Air date: 7/20 at 2pm EST/11am PST

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Episode 5: A Post-Prime Day analysis

Ben Felix

Ben Felix


Since joining Stackline in 2022, Ben has been responsible for all marketing, business development, and global partnership activities.


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