WEBINAR Vendor Negotiation Strategies

Industry experts provide insight into what successful negotiations look like, with a deep dive into critical inputs and best practices.

WEBINAR Vendor Negotiation Strategies

Brand partners face the daunting proceedings of annual Vendor Negotiations (AVN) with each of their major retailers. All of these negotiations generally require an evaluation of the previous year's performance and the establishment of new trade terms for the upcoming 12 months. To ensure that the final terms are favorable for both the vendor and retailer, this time-intensive process requires significant preparation, strategic planning, and negotiation tactics.

In our upcoming digital session, industry experts from the Stackline team will provide insight into what successful negotiations look like, with deep dives into key inputs and tactical best practices for vendors to employ as they seek optimal results with their retailer partners.

Key Highlights

  • Detailed insight into what successful vendor negotiations look like for brand leaders
  • Tactics used in best-in-class retailer negotiations
  • Methods to demystify retailer investments and unlock high growth


  • Ben Robins – Director, Professional Services UK
  • Mattie Berman – Senior Account Manager, Ecommerce Strategy  
  • Ed Miller – Director, Ecommerce Operations  
  • Casey Lynch – Director, Strategic Projects

About Stackline

On a mission to fuel the future of commerce by bringing brands and customers closer together, Stackline is the first full-funnel connected commerce platform for the world's most innovative brands.  Business leaders, product innovators, performance marketers, and financial firms trust Stackline as the single source of commerce truth.  Fueled by proprietary neural networks and deep learning systems, Stackline's market insights, revenue metrics, behavioral data, and autonomous functionality create the actions that determine success or failure.

Founded in 2014 in Seattle, Stackline employs over 250 connected commerce professionals creating value for 7,000 global brands.

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Ben Felix

Ben Felix


Since joining Stackline in 2022, Ben has been responsible for all marketing, business development, and global partnership activities.


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